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Landscape Marketing Made Powerful

Profitable Landscape Marketing (PLM) is an innovative marketing company specializing in landscaping. Instead of offering traditional landscaping services, PLM takes a unique approach:

  • Building High-Quality Websites: PLM designs and builds premium websites that mimic the look and feel of established landscaping companies. These websites are optimized for lead generation and designed to attract residential and commercial clients.
  • Partnering with Landscaping Companies: PLM seeks partnerships with skilled landscaping companies that are struggling to generate online leads. We guarantee exclusivity by not working with another landscape company within the agreed-upon service areas.
  • Leasing Model: Once a partnership is established, PLM leases the fully built website to the landscaping company on a recurring monthly basis. The website then operates as the landscaper’s primary (or secondary) online presence, with all inquiries and leads going directly to them. PLM continues to add and optimize new content to the site and social media accounts each month based upon the client’s agreed upon keywords and service areas.

Why PLM is Different

  • Niche Focus: PLM’s dedication to landscaping ensures a deep understanding of the market and client needs.
  • Win-Win Model: Landscaping companies gain a powerful marketing tool without significant upfront investment, while PLM generates recurring revenue.
  • Streamlined Marketing: PLM handles the technical aspects of website creation and lead generation, allowing landscapers to focus on what they do best—delivering exceptional landscaping services.

If you’re a landscaping company seeking to expand your reach and grow your business, Profitable Landscape Marketing could be your ideal partner.

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