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Experience the Luxury of Custom Pools

At PLM, we specialize in designing and installing luxurious custom in-ground pools that transform backyards into backyard getaways. Serving Northville, Novi, Plymouth, Canton, Ann Arbor Commerce Township Milford South Lyon we provide expert design and build services for both gunite and fiberglass pools – creating breathtaking pools that provide relaxation recreation aesthetic appeal while meeting unique client requirements and preferences.

Custom In-ground Gunite Pools

Custom Gunite Pools Gunite pools are known for their durability and versatility. At PLM, our custom gunite pools can be tailored to any shape, size, or depth for endless design possibilities – our gunite process involves spraying a mixture of concrete and sand over a steel framework, allowing intricate custom designs such as built-in spas, waterfalls, or tanning ledges – just imagine! Our professional team can bring it all to life.

Advantages of Gunite Pools

  • Durability: Gunite pools are highly durable, long-term investments to withstand adverse weather conditions and heavy usage.
  • Customization: With gunite pools, the design options are virtually limitless. Choose from various shapes, sizes and finishes to craft one that perfectly complements both your landscape and personal style.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Gunite pools offer unparalleled aesthetic appeal with various finishes, such as plaster, pebbles, tile, or stone, for an exclusive and elegant appearance.

Custom Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools provide an easy and quick installation process without compromising on quality or aesthetics. At PLM, we offer an assortment of pre-designed fiberglass pool shapes and sizes designed specifically to complement the aesthetics of your backyard. A fiberglass shell with gel finish makes these smooth pools extremely easy to maintain while resisting algae growth.

Advantages of Fiberglass Pools

  • Fast Installation: Fiberglass pools can be installed quickly, enabling you to start enjoying your new pool sooner.
  • Low Maintenance: Fiberglass pools feature smooth non-porous surfaces that make cleaning them effortless and resistant to algae growth, eliminating the need for chemical treatments or extensive cleaning services.
  • Durability: W hen it comes to fiberglass pools, their flexibility and strength make them less susceptible to cracking, while they can withstand extreme temperature shifts without cracking under pressure.

Design Features and Enhancements

At PLM, we believe a pool should be more than a place for swimming – it should serve as the centerpiece of your outdoor living space. Our custom pools come equipped with various features and design elements that enhance your experience in the backyard. Some popular options are:

Water Features

Add elegance and tranquility to your pool by including water features like cascading waterfalls, bubblers and fountains in its design.


L.E.D lighting options create an unforgettable ambiance for evening swims and outdoor gatherings. Spa Integration: To experience ultimate relaxation, incorporate a built-in spa into the design.

Tanning Ledges

for sunbathing and lounging on shallow areas that offer sunbathing opportunities.

Custom Steps and Benches

Designed for both aesthetics and functionality, custom steps and benches offer easy access and comfortable seating solutions.

Sustainable Practices

At Aquascape Pool Design & Build Services, we pride ourselves on incorporating environmentally responsible practices into all of our pool design and build projects. From energy-saving pumps and heaters to eco-friendly cleaning systems and water-saving features, our aim is to craft pools that are not only beautiful but also ecologically responsible.

Comprehensive Project Management

PLM’s team of pool designers and builders provides exceptional pool design and build services from start to finish, working closely with you from initial consultation through to completion of every detail meticulously planned and executed based on your vision and preferences. With our commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, you can rely on PLM to deliver an oasis that surpasses your expectations.

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Transform your backyard into an oasis with a custom in-ground pool from PLM. Whether you prefer gunite or fiberglass pools, our expert team is ready to make your dream pool come to life. Contact us now to set up a consultation appointment and start creating the outdoor paradise of your dreams!

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