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Outdoor Living Space Design and Build - Northville, MI

Landscape Design and Build

At PLM, we take great pride in turning outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional environments through our comprehensive landscape design and build services. Serving Northville, Novi, Plymouth, Canton, Ann Arbor, Commerce Township, Milford, and South Lyon, we specialize in custom landscape designs that reflect your taste and add significant value to your property. Our approach integrates various landscape elements to produce harmonious yet inviting outdoor environments.

Custom Landscape Design

At Landscape Solutions Group, our landscape design process begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your vision, preferences, and budget. As each landscape should reflect its owner, we take the time to listen carefully to your goals and ideas before devising an aesthetic yet functional plan that ensures your outdoor space will meet those criteria.

Livable Gardens and Planting Schemes

A key aspect of our landscape design services is creating lush gardens and vibrant planting schemes. We carefully select various perennials, annuals, shrubs, and trees for year-round interest and color. Additionally, our designs consider specific conditions on your site, such as soil type, sunlight exposure, and climate, to select plants that will thrive while simultaneously increasing the overall beauty of your landscape.

Elegant Lawn Design and Installation

At PLM, we understand the importance of having an aesthetically pleasing lawn in any landscape design. We specialize in designing and installing lush, green lawns to make an outdoor space inviting and welcoming. From traditional sod installation to more eco-friendly options like native grasses or native sod installation – PLM provides custom solutions that ensure your grass is healthy, vibrant, and easy to care for – including grading and drainage services to prevent water pooling while encouraging proper growth.

Hardscape Elements

Integrating hardscape elements is crucial to designing a well-balanced and functional landscape. At our hardscape design services, patios, walkways, retaining walls, and driveways can all be custom-made to complement your landscape architecture and home architecture. We use materials like natural stone pavers and brick to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal while simultaneously adding visual interest and creating functional outdoor living spaces for relaxation and entertainment.

Water Features

PLM designs and installs water features that add an air of tranquility and elegance to any landscape, such as serene ponds, cascading waterfalls, modern fountains, and reflecting pools. Our custom water features are tailored specifically to fit seamlessly into any given garden space, adding both beauty and value.

Pool Scaping

At PLM, our specialized pool scaping services are here to add the finishing touch to your custom pool experience. Our talented landscape designers create stunning designs around your pool area to elevate its aesthetic and functional appeal, featuring lush planting, elegant hardscapes, and ambient lighting to create a luxurious and welcoming poolside environment – whether that means tropical paradise, modern minimalist look, natural retreat or natural getaway – Our designers craft cohesive landscape designs that complement your pool while elevating its overall outdoor experience.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is crucial in beautifying and functionally optimizing landscape designs, especially during evening hours. Our outdoor lighting solutions include pathways, gardens, and accent lights to draw the eye towards key features in your landscape design. Energy-efficient LED fixtures add warmth while simultaneously offering safety and security – complementing our designs artistically while using space more efficiently

Sustainable Landscaping Practices

At PLM, we take great care in adopting sustainable landscaping practices that benefit environmental health while decreasing maintenance needs. This includes using native and drought-tolerant species that reduce water use while contributing to local biodiversity; efficient irrigation systems and rainwater harvesting solutions help conserve water; and eco-friendly materials are used in designing our designs for maximum beauty while still being responsible. Our landscape designs combine beautiful designs with eco-friendly features to achieve environmental responsibility in their creation.

Comprehensive Project Management

Our landscape design and build services feature comprehensive project management from initial design through final installation. Our team oversees every aspect of your project – coordinating with trusted contractors and suppliers to ensure timely and precise execution – so you can enjoy a hassle-free experience and a result exceeding your expectations.

At PLM, we aim to craft outdoor spaces you’ll enjoy for years. Our dedication to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction distinguishes us as the area’s premier landscape design and building company. Contact us now to arrange a consultation and learn how our expert landscaping services can transform your outdoor spaces!

Landscaping Services - Northville, MI

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