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Maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape requires regular care and attention, which is where PLM comes in. We recognize that an attractive outdoor space not only enhances curb appeal but also offers serenity for you and your family to enjoy. Serving communities such as Northville, Novi, Plymouth, Canton, Ann Arbor, Commerce Township, Milford, and South Lyon, we are dedicated to keeping outdoor spaces looking their best year round!

PLM’s comprehensive landscape maintenance services are tailored to each client’s unique needs. Whether a small garden or an expansive estate, our skilled professionals use cutting-edge equipment and techniques to ensure your landscape remains lush, healthy, and vibrant. From lawn care and garden maintenance services to tree and shrub care offerings, PLM offers everything you need to keep outdoor spaces looking their best while giving you more time to appreciate their surroundings. With PLM on board, your landscape is in capable hands, so you can enjoy its surroundings instead.

Routine Lawn Care

Maintaining a lush and green lawn requires consistent care and attention from every corner of your landscape. At PLM, our comprehensive routine lawn care services ensure your grass remains healthy, vibrant, and well-kept throughout the year. Our knowledgeable team has all of the tools necessary for lawn maintenance, from mowing and edging to fertilization and weed control.

Mowing, Edging, and Trimming

Mowing regularly is essential to keeping your lawn neat and promoting healthy grass growth. Our team follows best practices to ensure your lawn is cut at an optimal height, preventing stress on the grass and decreasing disease risk. In addition to mowing, we also provide precise edging and trimming services, which create clean lines along driveways, pathways, garden beds, and beds and make your landscape appear polished and well-managed.

Proper lawn fertilization is vital to maintaining a beautiful green lawn. At PLM, our high-quality fertilizers contain essential nutrients explicitly tailored to your grass type and soil conditions to promote strong root development, enhance color saturation, and improve lawn health overall. By giving your grass these vital vitamins for the growing season ahead, PLM helps ensure its resilience remains vibrant all season long.

Weed Control

Unchecked weeds can quickly take over a healthy lawn if left uncontrolled, but with our weed control services, you can combat them efficiently and eliminate weeds before they take hold. We combine pre- and post-emergent treatments to effectively prevent and eliminate weeds, selecting herbicides safe for grass and targeting specific weed species for maximum effectiveness while minimizing impact on your lawn. Regular treatments help preserve its beauty and allow grass to flourish without competition from unwelcome plants.

Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration and Overseeding Aeration is an essential step in lawn maintenance that involves creating small holes in the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients into the root zone. This alleviates soil compaction while improving drainage and encouraging healthier root growth. At PLM, we highly recommend this practice as part of our routine lawn care services to keep your lawn in peak condition. Following aeration, we often perform overseeding, which fills bare spots, enhances density, and increases the resilience of your existing lawn.

Pest and Disease Management

An attractive lawn is less susceptible to pests and diseases, but proactive management remains necessary to keep potential problems at bay. Our team has been trained to detect signs of common lawn pests and diseases early so that effective treatments can be implemented before they cause significant damage. We employ integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques that prioritize environmental-friendly methods while limiting chemical pesticide use. By quickly responding to any issues with pests or diseases on your lawn, we help ensure it remains beautiful.

Seasonal Maintenance

Each season presents unique challenges when it comes to lawn care, so our regular services are customized specifically to the needs of your lawn throughout the year. In spring, our focus is revitalizing it from winter dormancy with fertilization and weed control services; during the summer, we prioritize watering/mowing practices to alleviate heat stress; finally, in fall, aeration/overseeding services, as well as final fertilization, are used to prepare for colder months – this ensures your grass receives what it needs in each season so it can thrive with our comprehensive approach!

PLM makes lawn care hassle-free so you can focus on enjoying a stunningly healthy space outside. Our expert team takes great pride in offering top-quality service and producing outstanding results, so let us handle the hard work so you can spend more time outdoors. Get in touch today to discover more about our routine lawn care services and see how we can maintain the beauty of your landscape year-round.

Garden and Flower Bed Maintenance

PLM provides comprehensive garden and flower bed maintenance services designed to keep your outdoor spaces beautiful, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing all year long. Our team of horticultural experts are committed to giving each garden the care it needs in order to thrive, creating vibrant landscapes filled with color.

Planting and Seasonal Color Changes

Maintain a fresh and vibrant garden by updating its flower beds regularly with seasonal color changes. Our team specializes in selecting and planting annuals, perennials, ornamental plants that complement your landscape while blooming at different times throughout the year. We take into account soil conditions, sun exposure and climate when selecting appropriate plants – this way ensuring continual color and interest year-round! Whether it’s spring blooms, summer flowers or autumn leaves you want displayed beautifully, we have you covered for creating dynamic displays!

Pruning and Trimming of Shrubs and Hedges

Pruning and trimming are essential in maintaining the health and appearance of shrubs and hedges, helping ensure healthy growth, preventing disease, shaping plants to enhance their natural beauty, and providing your landscape with an organized look. Our skilled team understands the specific needs of different plant species and employs appropriate pruning and trimming techniques that will keep them lush and well-formed. By cutting away dead or diseased branches as well as controlling overgrowth we ensure your shrubs flourish for an organized landscape design.

Mulching and Soil Conditioning

Mulching and soil conditioning are integral elements of garden care. Mulch helps retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, regulate temperature and provide the ideal environment for your plants to flourish. We offer various kinds of organic mulches like wood chips, bark and compost tailored specifically for your garden’s needs. Alongside mulching we also focus on soil conditioning by adding organic matter and nutrients into the soil that promote healthy plant growth; regular mulching with soil conditioning not only keeps your garden looking tidy but ensures all of your plants receive all they require to thrive!

At PLM, we understand the care and maintenance required for an attractive garden is ongoing. Our comprehensive garden and flower bed maintenance services offer your plants the ideal conditions for growth and bloom. Trusting us with your garden means enjoying vibrant, healthy landscape that elevates the beauty of outdoor spaces like your own. Call today to discover more about how we can assist with achieving and maintaining stunning gardens year-round!

Tree and Shrub Care

Care of trees and shrubs is integral to creating a lush and beautiful landscape, and PLM offers comprehensive tree and shrub care services to ensure they stay alive and well-kept in your garden. Our certified arborists and horticultural experts specialize in preserving their health through tailored management programs tailored specifically for these essential components of the garden landscape.

Tree and Shrub Health Evaluations

Regular health assessments are vital in detecting potential issues early and maintaining the overall well-being of trees and shrubs. Our experts conduct comprehensive inspections to evaluate your plants’ condition, searching for any signs of disease, pest infestations, or structural problems. By understanding each species’ unique needs and vulnerabilities, we can develop tailored care plans designed to promote healthy growth and longevity. These assessments ensure we address any problems promptly so your trees remain strong and resilient!

Pruning, Trimming, and Shaping of Trees

Proper pruning and trimming are vital to the health and appearance of trees and shrubs; our highly trained team uses advanced techniques to remove dead, diseased, or damaged branches to promote healthy growth while decreasing disease risks. Pruning also shapes plants to enhance their natural form while adding to an organized and visually appealing landscape – whether that means selective pruning to increase air circulation and light penetration or shaping for desired aesthetic purposes – our experts ensure your trees and shrubs receive all the care necessary to thrive.

Disease and Pest Management Solutions

Trees and shrubs can become susceptible to various diseases and pests that threaten their health and beauty, so PLM employs integrated pest management (IPM) strategies to safeguard against harmful insects and diseases that threaten them. Our approach includes preventative measures like spacing and sanitation as well as targeted treatments targeted specifically towards any issues identified; all our treatments use environmentally friendly products so as not to compromise beneficial organisms and the surrounding environment – helping ensure your trees and shrubs remain strong and beautiful! By actively managing pests and diseases, PLM helps ensure they remain healthy and robust!

As part of our core services, PLM also offers fertilization, soil conditioning and support for young trees to promote strong root development and overall health. At PLM, we recognize the important role trees and shrubs play in any landscape: providing shade, structure and visual interest while adding shade in summer and structure in winter months. Our tree care services aim to keep these essential features looking their best by keeping their health vibrant and aesthetic appeal high – contact us now and discover more about how our expert team can maintain and nourish them so they flourish for years to come!

Seasonal Clean-Ups

Seasonal clean-ups are an integral component of maintaining an attractive and thriving landscape year-round. At PLM, our comprehensive seasonal clean-up services ensure your outdoor spaces remain attractive year-round – no matter the season! Our team of landscaping experts has all of the resources required to prepare your property for seasonal change while creating a welcoming space that keeps on looking its best!

Spring Clean-Up

The spring months provide the ideal opportunity to revitalize your landscape after the long winter months. Our Spring Clean-Up services focus on clearing away fallen leaves, branches, and other winter remnants from lawns, garden beds, walkways and driveways as well as prepping your garden for growing season by pruning shrubs and trees, refreshing mulch layers and applying fertilizers that promote healthy growth – we ensure your outdoor space will thrive during warmer seasons ahead.

Fall Clean-Up

As the growing season draws to a close, it’s essential that your landscape be properly prepared for winter. Our fall cleanup services include raking and removing fallen leaves from garden beds, clearing them away completely from perennials and shrubs as well as trimming back perennials and shrubs back as needed. In addition, winterizing irrigation systems and protecting sensitive plants from the cold are part of this comprehensive clean up. By thoroughly cleansing your landscape and addressing potential issues we help prevent issues such as disease outbreaks and pest infestations assuring that your property stays healthy and attractive throughout winter.

Leaf Removal and Composting

One of the key tasks during seasonal clean-ups is leaf removal. Accumulated leaves can cover your lawn, creating dead patches and providing shelter for pests and diseases to thrive in your environment. Our team offers efficient leaf removal services in lawns, garden beds and hardscape areas – ensuring a tidy and healthy space! Additionally, our composting service transforms organic debris collected into rich compost that will enrich soil health in future years and promote plant life health as a result.

Preparations for Winter and Summer

Preparing your landscape for the extreme conditions of both winter and summer is key to its health and beauty. In winter, our focus lies in protecting plants from frost damage, insulate vulnerable areas and ensure proper drainage to avoid waterlogging; during the summer we adjust irrigation systems, apply mulch for moisture retention purposes and address potential heat stress issues to ensure its resilience year round. These proactive measures can help your landscape withstand harsh weather conditions with grace while remaining vibrant and healthy year after year.

Clean and Maintain Gutter Systems

Seasonal clean-ups should also include gutter cleaning and maintenance to ensure proper water drainage and avoid property damage. Clogged gutters can lead to water overflow, which in turn damages roof, siding, and foundation elements of your property. Our team removes leaves, twigs, and debris from gutters and downspouts in order to direct it away from your home and ensure proper functioning – regular gutter maintenance is an integral component of protecting property values and landscape integrity.

Comprehensive Property Inspection Services

At our seasonal clean-ups, we conduct a detailed evaluation of your entire property to identify any potential issues that require attention. This may include checking for signs of pest infestations or disease or structural damage to plants and hardscape elements that need repair immediately in order to help avert larger issues further down the line and ensure your landscape stays in top shape. By acting quickly on any identified problems, we help prevent larger ones later down the road and ensure its top condition remains.

At PLM, we understand the value of regular clean-ups to maintaining an attractive and thriving landscape. Our comprehensive services are tailored to address the individual needs of each property throughout the year and ensure it looks its best no matter which season comes around. Get in touch with us now to schedule your seasonal cleanup appointment and allow our expert team to keep your outdoor space pristine year round!

Irrigation System Maintenance

PLM offers comprehensive irrigation system maintenance services designed to keep your landscape healthy and vibrant, from making sure the plants receive enough water, to conserving water usage while promoting lush, vibrant landscapes. Our team of expert technicians is committed to keeping your irrigation system operating at peak performance – helping preserve resources while creating lush, vibrant environments.

Inspection and Repair

Regular inspections are key for early identification of issues and preventing more significant issues later. Our team carefully inspects your irrigation system, looking out for leaks, broken sprinkler heads, or any potential issues that might affect its performance. When necessary repairs need to be addressed (fixing leaks to replacing damaged components), our repairs service responds immediately so your system continues to run efficiently and effectively while saving water wastage as we ensure your plants get adequate hydration.

Seasonal Adjustments

As seasons change, so too do your landscape’s watering requirements. Our irrigation system maintenance services include seasonal adjustments that ensure it provides exactly the amount and timing of water it requires – from activation and fine-tuning of systems in spring, to summertime schedule adjustments to prevent heat stress on growing plants, then in fall we gradually decrease watering as your plants prepare to dormancy, as well as winterizing them to protect from freezing temperatures.

Winterizing Your Irrigation System

Preventing damage caused by freezing temperatures requires the appropriate precautions, which our team follows with precision. We drain and blow out pipes to remove any remaining water that could freeze into cracks if left accumulated; additionally we insulate exposed components before shutting down your system to protect it against cold weather – Winterization helps extend its lifespan while avoiding costly repairs in spring.

Effective Water management solutions

Effective water management is at the core of our irrigation system maintenance services. We assess your landscape’s water needs and offer suggestions to maximize efficiency – such as installing rain sensors, soil moisture sensors or smart controllers that adjust watering schedules according to real-time weather conditions. By optimizing your irrigation system we help conserve water use, reduce utility costs and promote healthier landscapes – with efficient practices benefitting not only plants but also contributing towards environmental sustainability.

Upgrades and Enhancements on current systems

Technology is constantly advancing, and upgrading your irrigation system with cutting-edge tech can bring significant advantages in terms of efficiency and convenience. Our team can recommend and install cutting-edge systems such as drip irrigation systems, low-flow sprinkler heads, and advanced control systems – upgrades which can improve water distribution, reduce runoff rates, provide precise watering for various areas of your landscape, while simultaneously creating a beautiful sustainable landscape with minimal effort required to keep it looking its best! Enhancing your irrigation system with modern technologies helps maintain beautiful sustainable landscapes effortlessly!

Customized Maintenance Plans

PLM understands that each landscape is distinct, as are its irrigation needs. That is why we provide tailored irrigation system maintenance plans specifically tailored to suit the unique requirements of your property. These maintenance plans cover regular inspections, seasonal adjustments and any repairs or upgrades as required throughout the year – giving you peace of mind knowing your landscape’s watering requirements are being professionally managed by experts.

At PLM, we understand the critical role a well-maintained irrigation system plays in maintaining the overall health and beauty of your landscape. Our comprehensive irrigation system maintenance services aim to keep your system operating efficiently while giving your plants enough water. Reach out today and schedule one of these maintenance sessions so we can assist with creating lush landscapes!

Our Commitment to Quality and Service Areas

At PLM, our commitment to quality lies at the center of all we do. We believe exceptional landscape maintenance begins with a dedication to excellence, and we strive to exceed client expectations for each project. Our team of highly-trained professionals uses only top-quality equipment and materials to give your landscape the very best care – from regular lawn care through intricate garden maintenance and comprehensive irrigation system management – maintaining its beauty and health is what matters to us most!

At PLM, we take great pleasure in our ability to serve diverse communities with top-tier landscape maintenance services at affordable rates for each homeowner. Our primary service areas include Northville, Novi, Plymouth, Canton, Ann Arbor Commerce Township, Milford, and South Lyon, where we focus on beautifying outdoor spaces and contributing to their overall aesthetic appeal and well-being.

Additionally, we take great pleasure in offering our exceptional services to the surrounding communities. If your neighborhood isn’t explicitly listed here, don’t hesitate to get in touch as we continue expanding our reach to bring high-quality landscape maintenance services into more neighborhoods. We aim to give every client a beautiful, well-kept landscape they can appreciate year-round.

PLM stands by our commitment to the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. We understand that your landscape reflects your personal style and property value. That is why our staff goes the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of our services meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Please reach out today so we can help you create and sustain an eye-catching outdoor space!

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Are you ready to enhance the aesthetic and health of your outdoor spaces? Contact PLM now and schedule your consultation to discover how our expert landscape maintenance services can transform your property. Whether you require routine lawn care, garden/flower bed care maintenance, tree/shrub care management, or irrigation system management, our dedicated team is ready and willing to offer top-quality service tailored specifically for you.

Experienced landscaping professionals are waiting to help your landscape flourish! Contact us at 248-525-1700 or complete our online form right now – your dream landscape awaits only one phone call!

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