Dream Pools: Custom Features Only Possible with Gunite

Jun 26, 2024Custom Pools

Custom Gunite Pool Design Build - Northville, MI

Are you dreaming of turning your backyard into an idyllic sanctuary with an exquisite custom pool that combines beauty and functionality? Gunite pools are known for their durability and versatility, which PLM specializes in designing and building. Our experienced team creates stunning in-ground pools to suit each customer’s style while offering plenty of leisure for themselves and their families.

Northville, Novi, Plymouth, Canton, Ann Arbor, Commerce Township Milford, and South Lyon are among the vibrant communities we proudly serve with exceptional pool services from PLM. Whether it’s adding an exquisite waterfall, luxurious hot tub, or interactive lighting features, PLM’s innovative designs and superior craftsmanship guarantee your pool will become the centerpiece of your outdoor space! Dive into luxury with PLM and discover how our custom gunite pools can transform your backyard into an exquisite retreat!

Island Oasis

One of the most captivating additions you can make to your gunite pool is an island oasis. This extraordinary element enhances its visual appeal and serves as a functional and relaxing space within its waters—think lounge chairs for lounging around or sunbathing on! Furthermore, gunite’s versatility allows designers to craft intricate designs featuring seating areas, shade structures, or lush vegetation to create tropical-esque getaways that feel like paradise.

An island oasis begins by designing a layout that complements the shape and size of your pool. For larger pools, a centrally located island can serve as an eye-catcher and add depth to the design. Access can be provided via a charming bridge made of wood or stone that offers easy access for those who do not wish to swim. This bridge may follow a straight or curvy pathway for easy crossing, giving this oasis its own sense of adventure!

Brick pavers or natural stones are popular materials for an island’s surface. They provide a durable yet appealing material that withstands weather elements. The material can be arranged into intricate patterns or laid out more rustically to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings. When combined with comfortable seating such as built-in benches or stylish lounge chairs, islands provide the ideal resting place in beautiful settings.

Integrating greenery into your island oasis will further its tropical feel. Planters filled with vibrant flowers, palms, and other lush vegetation can be strategically placed to create a sense of privacy and seclusion. At the same time, native plants help ensure its success with minimal upkeep needed for maintenance. Consider installing shade structures or pergolas to provide relief from the sun on even the hottest days – creating an idyllic oasis even on its most scorching days!

Final touches for any island can include additional features to enhance its functionality and enjoyment, such as a fire pit for evening gatherings, ambient lighting to create a magical nighttime ambiance, or even an extra mini bar area to provide poolside refreshments. Gunite allows you to customize an island oasis explicitly tailored to your lifestyle while elevating outdoor living experiences; use Gunite’s endless possibilities to design an island that fits your outdoor living experience seamlessly! Integrating this feature into your pool design transforms it into an extravagant retreat offering relaxation and entertainment!


Integrating a waterfall into your gunite pool design is an effective way to elevate both its atmosphere and visual appeal. Waterfalls add soothing sounds of cascading water, creating an ambiance conducive to restfulness and peace. They also act as stunning focal points that draw the eye and add luxury. Gunite allows for creative solutions in designing waterfalls that seamlessly complement the pool’s design and natural surroundings.

One of the key benefits of gunite for waterfall construction is its ability to create customized, natural-looking formations. Gunite makes possible intricate rock structures and ledges that resemble natural stone. Furthermore, these formations can be designed in any shape or size to complement the overall aesthetics of your pool and landscape—whether that means creating an undulating stream or dramatic cascades. Gunite is your key to reaching any effect desired by its users.

Waterfalls offer more than aesthetic advantages; they also have practical uses. Their movement helps improve circulation and filtration within a pool, producing cleaner and healthier water that requires fewer chemical treatments for upkeep. Waterfalls make pool time fun for children and adults—kids love playing under falling waters, while adults can enjoy relaxing as the water flows over their shoulders!

Consider including additional features when creating your gunite pool waterfall to maximize beauty and functionality. For instance, consider including hidden grottos or caves behind it, creating a hidden adventure space. LED lighting installed within it makes a striking visual effect at night by lighting cascading water with soft color-changing LEDs; plants and landscaping around its base help complete its look for an appealing tropical feel that feels part of the pool itself.

Waterfalls are more than just attractive features in your pool; they transform your entire outdoor space. Their combination of sight, sound, and movement creates an immersive sensory experience that elevates any backyard into an extravagant retreat. By choosing gunite as the material for constructing your waterfall feature, you ensure it will provide enjoyment for many years to come – peaceful relaxation or lively gathering space – making your pool the centerpiece of outdoor paradise!

Hot Tubs

Integrating a waterfall into your gunite pool design is an excellent way to enhance its ambiance and visual appeal. Waterfalls bring tranquility, relaxation, and peace while serving as stunning focal points that draw the eye and add luxury. Thanks to Gunite’s flexibility, you can even design waterfalls that perfectly integrate with your pool area’s design and natural surroundings.

One of the critical advantages of gunite as a waterfall construction material is its ability to form natural-looking formations. Gunite allows for intricate rock structures and ledges that resemble natural stone and tailor-made formations explicitly tailored for any shape or size of pool and landscape design. Gunite makes it possible to achieve your desired effects, from gentle streams with trickling streams to dramatic cascades – gunite can help achieve any look or effect you’d like!

Waterfalls not only add aesthetic beauty but can also be efficient. Their movement helps increase circulation and filtration within your pool, leading to cleaner and healthier water. Thus, chemical treatments are decreased while pool maintenance is simplified. Waterfalls add an exciting and interactive element for kids and adults. Kids love playing beneath falling waters, while adults can relax as the water flows over their shoulders!

Consider including additional features when designing your gunite pool waterfall to further its beauty and functionality. For instance, adding hidden grottos or caves behind it provides an adventurous space for exploration; LED lighting installed within it creates an amazing visual effect at night, illuminating cascading water with soft colors; and plant life around its base can add a lush tropical atmosphere as it becomes an extension of your pool itself.

Waterfalls are more than just aesthetic features for your pool; they add depth to the outdoor experience. Choosing Gunite for its construction ensures a long-term pleasure that can enhance relaxation and entertainment – the focal point of any backyard paradise! Ultimately, waterfalls transform your outdoor experience- simultaneously offering sight, sound, movement, and multi-sensory stimulation! Creating one can transform a backyard oasis into an exquisite haven – or provide a peaceful sanctuary.

Built-in Lighting

Built-in lighting is an essential feature that can vastly improve a gunite pool’s beauty, functionality, and safety. Proper illumination enables you to take full advantage of your pool area long after sundown – creating an enchanting nighttime ambiance in your backyard and turning it into a relaxing retreat. At PLM, we specialize in designing and installing custom-built lighting solutions tailored specifically for each pool and landscape design project – with custom solutions tailored precisely for you!

Built-in lighting offers multiple advantages for pools. By strategically positioning lights, it creates a well-lit environment ideal for evening swims, late-night gatherings, and outdoor entertaining. This ensures that the focal point of your outdoor space remains the pool regardless of time of day or season. Furthermore, built-in lighting improves visibility, making navigation around it safer in low-light conditions.

LED lights are an energy-efficient, long-term, and versatile lighting option that offers endless design possibilities for gunite pool design. Their energy efficiency makes them ideal for various locations throughout your pool, including walls, steps, and floor surfaces – creating a soft yet inviting glow in the water. Color-changing LEDs add extra convenience by offering customizable mood lighting – you can set the mood you’d like with various hues or effects, such as tranquil blue hues or vibrant red, to create just the atmosphere you want. LEDs give you control to create what ambiance suits you best!

Built-in lighting can do more than illuminate your pool; it can also highlight surrounding features and landscaping. Pathway lights, uplights, and spotlights can be used to highlight walkways, trees, and architectural features for an eye-catching outdoor experience. Integrating lighting into features like waterfalls, fountains, and hot tubs adds another level of elegance to the area and can create an entrancing, mesmerizing effect that draws in visitors while elevating overall aesthetics.

Safety should always be a top priority when installing built-in pool lighting. Proper illumination helps avoid accidents by making steps, edges, and potential hazards more visible; this is particularly essential for families with young children or elderly members who may be more prone to slips and falls than others. By strategically placing lights around your pool and surrounding areas, you can create a secure atmosphere where everyone can confidently enjoy it.

Maintenance and durability should always be top priorities when lighting a gunite pool. At PLM, we use only high-quality weather-resistant fixtures designed to withstand the elements for long-lasting performance and long-term reliability. LED lights, in particular, have low energy consumption requirements and minimal ongoing maintenance costs, making them an excellent choice. For years, our team has ensured that all installations meet the highest standards to guarantee reliable and efficient operation.

Integrating built-in lighting into your gunite pool design provides numerous benefits, from expanding its usability and aesthetic appeal to increasing safety. Working with PLM will enable you to craft an outdoor space that reflects your style while elevating the overall pool experience – whether hosting a nighttime pool party, taking an evening swim, or simply admiring the view, our customized lighting solutions will turn your pool area into an inviting retreat.

Fountains and Splash Pads

Adding fountains and splash pads to your gunite pool design is a surefire way to elevate its functionality and visual appeal, significantly benefiting children and adults. PLM specializes in crafting customized fountains and splash pads that seamlessly integrate into the design of any pool area, turning your backyard into an entertaining and lively setting.

Fountains bring elegance and tranquillity to any pool setting. Gunite allows for intricate structures with fountains to complement the landscape, such as tiered fountains or modern geometric designs; classic tiered fountains may be preferred, while natural rock waterfalls or natural rock falls are fantastic additions, too! Listening to cascading water creates a soothing soundscape in your pool area as the sound cascades downward, providing a relaxing retreat experience – Fountains can even be strategically placed around or integrated directly into its design for an added visual focal point that enhances overall design!

Gunite allows for an endless number of fountain styles and features. For dramatic effect, incorporate a dramatic central fountain that sprays water high into the air – this creates an impressive visual display! Alternatively, smaller subdued fountains may be placed around your pool’s perimeter to provide gentle bubbling effects that add serenity. Lastly, interactive fountains with adjustable water flow allow you to customize the intensity and direction of streams according to your mood and preferences.

Splash pads are an exciting feature to add to a gunite pool area if you have young children. They provide endless entertainment. Designed for safety and accessibility, with non-slip surfaces and gentle water pressure that create a worry-free play experience for kids, splash pads can be installed adjacent to or separate from your pool for a dedicated splash and play space in your backyard.

One of the significant advantages of splash pads is their ability to keep pool areas cool and comfortable during hot summer days. Their mist and spray water features create a refreshing atmosphere, making outdoor space more enjoyable even during peak temperatures. Furthermore, splash pads require only minimal depths, meaning they’re safer for young children who may not yet be strong swimmers. This makes them an excellent addition for families looking to create fun yet safe play spaces for young ones.

Fountains and splash pads can be enhanced with additional features to increase their impact. LED lighting can be integrated into water jets and sprays, creating an arresting nighttime display with changing colors and patterns. Music can also be incorporated by having water jets synchronize to the rhythm of your favorite tunes – adding an interactive and enjoyable aspect to the pool area. All these additions increase aesthetic appeal and create an ideal gathering and socialization space for meetings and parties alike.

Fountains and splash pads add numerous benefits to gunite pool designs, from increasing visual appeal and creating a relaxing ambiance to offering children a safe environment in which to play. At PLM, we take great pride in designing and building custom water features tailored to our client’s needs and preferences, creating vibrant backyard oasis spaces. Whether your vision calls for elegant fountains or splash pads – our expert team is ready to bring it to life.

Custom Features and Personalization

Creating the pool of your dreams is more than a matter of basic construction; it involves injecting your style and preferences into every design aspect. Custom features and personalization options help give your pool its distinctive identity as a reflection of your taste and lifestyle. PLM specializes in crafting custom pools with fully customizable features to ensure outdoor spaces meet beauty and functionality needs.

Swim-Up Bars and Entertainment Areas

Swim-up bars are a fantastic addition to any pool, providing guests an easy way to refresh without leaving the water. They can feature built-in seating, countertops, and even underwater stools – creating a luxurious resort-like ambiance in your backyard. For those who enjoy entertaining, adding an outdoor kitchen or barbecue can enhance gatherings even further; imagine hosting poolside parties where guests seamlessly move between the water and an organized cooking station, increasing both convenience and enjoyment.

Built-In Seating and Lounging Areas

Comfort and relaxation are at the center of any excellent pool design. Built-in seating areas such as underwater benches and lounging ledges offer comfortable places to sit back and unwind without ever needing to leave the water, with sunny and shaded areas to suit different preferences. Lounging ledges (tanning ledges) also provide shallow platforms perfect for sunbathing or providing children with safe play surfaces.

Custom Tile and Mosaic Designs

Your choice of tile and finishes plays a critical role in the aesthetics of your pool. Granite pools allow you to select from various materials and designs; custom tile work, including intricate mosaics, can add an artistic and personalized touch. Classic blue tiles, vibrant colored patterns, or elegant glass mosaics—making your pool truly one-of-a-kind when combined with customized initials, logos, or unique patterns into its design can genuinely create something spectacular!

Water features and special effects

Custom water features such as bubblers, jets, and laminar flows can enrich the sensory experience of any pool. Bubblers create visual and sensory delight with gentle bubbling water effects; laminar jets produce smooth arcs of water illuminated with LED lighting for an impressive evening show. These custom features add beauty and offer interactive features that both adults and children can appreciate.

Modern pools can be outfitted with cutting-edge technology for added convenience and enjoyment. Smart pool systems enable you to control lighting, temperature, and water features directly from your smartphone or tablet; automated maintenance systems automatically manage tasks such as filtering and chemical balance so your pool remains spotless without much effort on your part, for added luxury, consider installing an underwater speaker system for music listening while swimming or relaxing!

Landscaping with Natural Elements and Landscaping

Implementing natural elements into your pool design can create a peaceful and relaxing space. Rock formations, cascading waterfalls, and lush greenery can transform your pool into an idyllic tropical retreat. Planting native species around the pool area adds beauty and supports local biodiversity while requiring less maintenance. Custom-built planters or green walls add vertical interest while seamlessly blending with overall design elements.

Unique Shapes and Themes

Gunite pools provide unrivaled flexibility when it comes to shape and size. From classic rectangular pools, freeform lagoons, and custom-shaped ones that fit seamlessly into your landscape’s contours – gunite makes all these options possible! Additionally, themed pools such as those inspired by tropical resorts, Mediterranean villas, or modern art can be designed according to personal taste – adding beach entries that gently slope into the water or even grotto caves as hidden retreats can further expand on this feature’s functionality & excitement in addition to functionality!

Safety and Accessibility Features

Personalizing your pool also means making it accessible and safe for all users, including children, elderly family members, and those with mobility issues. Handrails, non-slip surfaces, and wide steps can make the water safer for children, elderly family members, and those who struggle with mobility issues. Plus, custom features like safety covers, alarms, or fencing add peace of mind without diminishing its aesthetic appeal.

Ambient Lighting and Fire Features

Your pool area can be significantly enhanced with the right lighting and fire features, from LED color-changing lights to underwater fixtures that create a captivating ambiance at night to fire features like pits, bowls, and torches that provide warmth and drama—creating the ideal setting for evening gatherings or relaxation.

Custom features and personalization elevate a standard pool into an oasis tailored precisely to your tastes and lifestyle. At PLM, we take great pride in realizing our clients’ visions by carefully crafting every detail to meet them—luxury, functionality, or both. Our team of experts is on hand to design and build something truly remarkable for their pool project. Call us today and discover the many possibilities of customizing your dream oasis pool!

Crafting Your Dream Pool with PLM

Custom gunite pools with customized features and distinctive designs are integral to creating a luxurious backyard oasis. At PLM, we’re passionate about bringing your vision to life through innovative design, superior craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail. From elegant waterfalls and soothing hot tubs to vibrant built-in lighting systems and interactive splash pads – PLM’s team is committed to making your dream pool come to life. Swim-up bars, built-in seating solutions, and intricate tile work ensure your pool is beautiful, functional, and enjoyable.

Serving Northville, Novi, Plymouth, Canton, Ann Arbor, Commerce Township Milford, and South Lyon communities, we take great pride in offering tailored solutions that reflect your style and needs. Every homeowner has specific tastes and requirements, and PLM strives to exceed them all; whether that means providing a serene retreat for relaxation, an entertaining hub for family fun, or family-friendly spaces, PLM has you covered – plus more homeowners will be able to experience their dream pool through us.

PLM invites you to take the next step toward building the pool of your dreams. Contact us now to arrange a consultation with our expert designers and craftsmen and explore all your possibilities for customizing and expanding your outdoor living space with a pool! Your dream pool may be one phone call away!

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